We provide innovative design solutions to address your aesthetic requirements, budget and deadline through a rigorous process of innovation and originality. We will work with you and visualise the overall project and illustrate the effects before any construction begins.

We will be your sole point of contact and will consult with all suppliers and partners (electicians, carpenters, architects, engineers), from a scheduling and design standpoint. So just feel free to share with us and we will turn your design vision into a reality.


Schematic Design Phase

1. Client’s requirement and briefing on details

2. Site investigation studies

3. Preparation of design concept, artist impression, sketches & images

4. Preparation of furniture layout plan

5. Preparation of preliminary material used

6. Preparation of estimated budget

7. Approval of layout plan design concept, material sample

Design Development Phase

Preparation of detailed and construction drawing for:

1. Partition, door & window schedule

2. Furniture & fixture indication plan

3. M&E point indication plan

4. Reflected ceiling plan / M&E location

a. Lighting location plan only

• circuit layout only

• selection of fittings

b. Air-condition & ventilation location plan only

• selection of fittings

• location of air-condition diffuser only

c. Firefighting location plan only

d. Ceiling design & material specification

• detail section

5. Floor finishes plan

• material specification

• section detail

• colour scheme

6. Wall finishes plan

• material specification

7. Elevation

• material specification

• detail section

8. Detail of loose & built-in furniture & fixture

• material specification

• detail section

9. Compilation of selected fittings & furniture